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welcome-logoWe are a leading accountancy firm covering the North West of England and North Wales. With over 25 years of experience we have built our reputation on always putting the client first and delivering the most effective advice.

We are a friendly bunch too and would love to chat about how we can help you or your business. Choose a service below, or get in touch right away to talk to one of the team.

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Why Pursglove & Brown?

At Pursglove & Brown, we're on your side. That means we care about you, your business and looking after your financial affairs. We're here to make tax and financial planning easy. We're here to help ease your financial burden and to find you the most tax efficient way to run your business. We don't want the taxman to take what's not his, so we work with you to find out what's important to you. At Pursglove & Brown we get to know our clients, understand how they work and constantly help them to improve and grow their businesses.
You see, at Pursglove & Brown we're a different kind of Accountant. How? Well, for a start you won't just see us once a year when it's time for your annual accounts, receive a hefty bill from us and not talk to us again until there's a problem. We're business advisors and planners as well as tax experts, and we work tirelessly helping businesses like yours save tax, and become more efficient and financially stronger. And we're very nice people too.

What Our Customers Say

Fine service and surpassing customer expectations is often unrecognised though as you have never failed to impress I feel I must write to show mine and our clients appreciation of your professionalism.

Mike Shakespeare - Premier Financial Protection