We can help your business with a wide range of services relating to starting a business, selling a business and growing an existing business.

Services for Business

Whatever the nature of your operation, our full range of accountancy and business planning services will help you to manage your financial affairs efficiently and effectively, adding real value to your organisation.

Starting a Business

Starting a business is always exciting. You're full of enthusiasm and can't wait to get going. But you won't get anywhere without the support of a good accountant.

At Pursglove & Brown we'll make sure you're fully prepared and ready to launch. As experienced business start-up specialists, our practical advice will cover everything from registering with HMRC and strategic planning to optimising your tax liabilities and obtaining business finance. And we’ll talk to you about other important areas like the realities of saving for retirement, maintaining and understanding management accounts and the importance of planning and budgeting for start-ups.

Once all that's in place, you'll need to consider what type of business is best for you: sole trader, partnership or a limited company. We’ll guide you through the minefield of different tax liabilities and responsibilities, and help you complete the necessary paperwork. That way, you can get on with running your new business while we deal with HMRC and Companies House for you.

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Growing a Business

When you start out in business, you'll probably be fairly small. But as you grow and expand, you'll need your accountant to be able to help you.

Pursglove & Brown has helped many businesses flourish. These businesses have stayed with us because we've been able to proactively identify what they've needed as they’ve grown. We’ve helped businesses secure funding and grants, expand overseas, and used our particular industry specific expertise. And we've also got a large network of specialist contacts to call on to provide help and support when needed.

We can also step into the Financial Director role in your business. Perhaps you can't afford to take someone on full-time, or haven’t got time to find a suitable candidate. So Pursglove & Brown can do it for you. We’ll take care of the bookkeeping, keep an eye on the cashflow and make sure the finances run smoothly, leaving you with less things to worry about.

So whether you need an accountant to stay with you as you develop or look after your finances on a day-to-day basis, Pursglove & Brown are here to help.

Buying or Selling a Business

There may come a time when you want to either buy a business or sell your business and get the deal done as simply and efficiently as possible.

Business sales can involve lots of complex accounting and legal procedures, many of which can be time consuming. The sale agreement has to be drafted properly, the value of the business has to be established and there are many parties to satisfy.

Pursglove & Brown understand the difficulties involved with business sales, and know how to help you to minimise your risk, disruption and time when doing so. We’ll keep you in touch with the process all the way through to ensure you get the best possible deal for your business.

The role of the accountant in a business sale is one of diligence. It's absolutely vital we think of every eventuality and anticipate every obstacle that you will face. At Pursglove & Brown, we know how to maintain a positive professional relationship with everyone involved in the process, so we can achieve the best possible outcome for our clients.